App Review: File Expert – Redefining Modern-Day File Management as We Know It



File managers have never been more important than in these modern times when just about all of our important files, programs, and documents come in digital form. Continue reading

File Expert 8.0.7 Supports Offline Download

File Expert rolls out a new feature this week – Offline Download. Being similar with Cloud Download, Offline download is able to download files from browser to GCloud without network via FE Super Downloader. The downloaded files then can be synced to local when network is available.

How to create offline download task?

1. When you try to start a download task from your browser, your phone system will pop up a dialog to let you choose a downloader to continue the next operation. Choose FE Super downloader!

offline download

2. After you choose the FE Super Downloader, File Expert will prompt a dialog box to guide you to choose download to local or GCloud. Choose Download to GCloud!

offline download 2

3. At here, the offline download task has been created successfully. You can check the download list in the folder named of Offline Download in GCloud.


With FE Super Downloader, you can download files anytime anywhere, with or without network. Easy, fast and convenient!

How does multi-tab work?

Classic multi-tab is back with File Expert V8. Some of the new users are unfamiliar with this features and wonder how to use it. Here’s an overview.

Enter File Expert, there will be a default tab (generally internal storage), you can add as many tabs as you want by swiping right to display navigation menu, click any categories or features to start another tab.

Take copy/paste for example. Select one or several files from Tab A and click Copy/Cut button; then swipe to Tab B and click Paste. OK, your files are done. File operation is so much simpler than ever!

file expert copy paste

How to turn off annoying notification on Android?

Been constantly bugged by App notifications? Let me show you how to turn off individual apps on Android Lollipop and Marshmallow.

Take Nexus 4 with Android 5.1.1 OS for an example. 


Go to Settings – Apps –Select the App – Untick Show Notification


Go to Settings – Sound & Notifications – App Notifications – Select the App – Switch Block to On position

If you have a HTC One One M8 with Android 6.0 version; do the following steps to disable App notification:

turn off notification

Go to Settings – Apps – Select the App – Notifications –Switch Block All to On position

Turn off notification 2

Go to Settings – Sound and Notifications – App Notifications – Select the App – Switch Block All to On position

You can unblock any App notification in the same way. If the App notification is not too frequently, you’d better not shot them off because you might miss important notices.

Clear APK files on your slow Android by one tap!

Your Android becomes laggy? Don’t have enough space to for more pictures or new Apps? The installed APK file is one of the prime culprits to retard phone running. With Apps’ frequent updates, accumulating APK files take up more and more of your Android memory space.

As a file manager, File Expert definitely is equipped with junk file solutions to meet Android users’s need. Here are tips.

1. On Android


Open File Expert, Categories Tab – Apps – APK Manager, delete unwanted APK files to reclaim storage and improve the performance of your device and SD card.

2. On PC

clear APK

When you use Web PC Suite feature to organize phone/tablet files; don’t forget to clear up unnecessary APK files on a PC browser. Just one tap to eliminate all the junkies!


Transfer Android Apps Between Phones Over Bluetooth

There are thousands of Android App markets all over the world. If you have your pals don’t share Google Play, how can you recommend a good App to them?

Don’t just tell him a name and let him search it in Google. Send the APK to him! Only 3 steps are required by File Expert.

1. Backup APK


Enter File Expert, find your favorite App and back up to local.

2. Send by Bluetooth


Share the backup APK via Bluetooth with your friend. Make sure the two devices have turned on Bluetooth and the receiver’s is detectable.

3. Install


When the transfer is completed, let your friend install the App and explore it!

If he hasn’t installed File Expert, get it from our official website: Download and install directly!

App Review: File Expert with Clouds Printing Update

(Source: File Expert with Clouds is an establish file browser for Android that has been around for years now, and with each release it adds more and more features. The last major update added a fresh, clean Material Design interface and now with version 7.1.5 the team have added comprehensive printing support. This new feature makes it nice and easy to print whatever you want on your Android smartphone or tablet directly from your file browser. On top of this new feature there’s still the same myriad of support for every file type going, a clean interface, a music player and more all rolled into one Android application. So, let’s take a quick look at what File Expert has to offer, as well as a look at the new printing function. If you don’t already File Expert with Clouds installed, you can download it from the Play Store here. When you first open the app, you’ll be presented with a quick overview of your files. 1 (1) File Expert has a long reputation offering up not just a clean and easy to use interface, but also a whole range of different tools on offer. At the core of it all however, is a comprehensive file manager: 1 (2) You can view your folders and such as icons as they would look on your PC or laptop, and you can easily sort them however you want: 1 (3) There are a lot of different features on offer here, such as the ability to see all of your installed apps, as well as APK files that might be on your device, too. 1 (4) In the tools menu, users will find some other neat additions that can help people do routine things on their device, as well as give power users some extra tools. 1 (5) What’s nice about File Expert is that it handles media files on its own, without sending you to another app. This included photos, movies and music. So when viewing photos from your camera – in order to print them, share with people or email them – you can get a quick look at what each photo is. 1 (6) Speaking of photos, these are things people often want to print, and with the latest version of File Expert, you can print directly from the app. Never mind if it’s an image or a document of whatever type, File Expert will let you print directly from the app. 1 (7) There’s a printing guide included in the Help section of the app as well, which can educate users on how to get things set up. 1 (8) File Expert says that a lot of people will be able to print without using any data, but for whatever reason I couldn’t get my Epson to print without using Google’s Cloud Print. This is probably due to the fact that Epson do not offer an Android plugin. Either way, I was still able to connect to my printer and File Expert lets you make some quick changes to the document before you print.   Just to proof that it worked, here’s the quick picture of my friend’s dog that I printed of (of course, if I were printing this for real I’d be using photo paper).

1 (1)

File Expert with Clouds has been around for a long time now, and there’s very little that the accomplished file browser cannot do. With a comprehensive file browser that doesn’t balk at compressed files, handles all common types of media inside the app itself and more with included tools to keep your phone clean and tidy as well as download files quicker and manage your installed apps as well. The new printing feature is just one more addition that adds to the long, long list of things that File Expert can do for you, and it really does work. I had a little trouble getting my Epson to work, but that’s the beauty of Google Cloud Print, File Expert plugs right into this and allows you to print whatever you want no matter where it’s stored – locally or otherwise – with little to no hassle.


Speed (4/5) – As always, File Expert launches quickly, connects to network shares quickly and loads thumbnails in a speedy fashion as well.

Features (5/5) – With the new printing feature, File Expert practically does it all. It allows for some of the best file management on Android, and now it can make it easy to print items no matter where you are, or even if it’s even stored on your device or not.

Theme (4/5) – The Material Design look and feel works well here, and is nice and clean as well as well as easy to use.

Overall (4.5/5) – The new printing feature makes File Expert with Clouds even more fully-featured as well as one of the must-haves on Android.

Pros Looks good with a clean, fresh Material Design interface. New printing feature connects to whatever printer you have and will print files or photos stored locally as well as online. Connects with Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive to deliver complete coverage of cloud services. Has lots of extra features for power users like a Super Downloader and network tools.

Cons No option to just remove ads for a lesser fee, users need to pay for the full version. New printing feature only allows for 15 free prints as a free trial. File Expert with Clouds is one of the must-have applications on Android. Since it was updated with a fresh Material Design, it became a fun, good-looking file browser and now with the new printing update it gets even better. It’s a great app that absolutely gets the job done and it only keeps on getting better and better with each major update.


How to achieve auto-sync of Local and Cloud Files?

File Expert 7.1.0 upgrades experience on Cloud files management. Now it allows two-way auto sync of Cloud and local files, which means what you do to your phone files will sync to your Cloud files after you match two folders, vice versa.

Please note: This new function is only available for Dropbox now. You need to update Dropbox plugin firstly.

Now let’s try out the new function together!

1. Upgrade Account.

Data Sync is a paid feature. You need to upgrade your GeekSoft account firstly. Privileges of   Premium Version or Flagship Version all contain the Dropbox Data Sync feature. Get one and start to set it.file expert 1

2. Match two folders

Preset is very easy. First, choose a local folder which you want to sync the content. Second, choose a folder from Dropbox which you want to sync the content. Make sure the two folders, done!

File Expertfile expert2

3. Sync Settings

You can set the Data Sync freely to customize your own sync mode. For example, change the sync directory, set auto sync interval time, and check the sync history and so on. Manage files get easier and faster with File Expert.


file expert3


A hidden copy button in File Expert V7 you don’t know

As an Android file manager users, you must be familiar with copy and move. But do you know there is more than one way to complete the operations in File Expert V7? Let me show you the hidden buttons.

1. What most people do?

As the following screenshots shows, select one or two files and tap Copy/Move to button at the bottom; there will be a popup to show local and network folders plus Safebox path to keep your files. You can  choose a folder or create a new one; then click OK, the copy/move process is done.

file expert copy 11

2. Few user know the hidden button

file expert copy 22

There’s alternative hidden in More button. Select one or several files; click More Button and Copy icon later. Go back to a folder you want the files to be copied/moved to, tap Paste button below. Isn’t it easier?

Feel free to choose your habitual way to copy and move files in File Expert V7!

Get the latest app from Google Play or official website.

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App Review:File Expert with Clouds – a fully featured Android file manager app



File Expert with Clouds is a fully featured Android file manager app for managing files, photos, videos, documents, apps and even extended cloud storage. The newly designed app has several nifty features like automatically organizing file types, large file analyzer, an FTP client, plus more. It’s packed with useful tools- let’s delve more into them in this review.

Price: Free, Offers in-app purchases
Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


Fully featured file manager app with cloud storage integration!
Automatically organizes files by type!
Elegant new user interface design!
Option to turn off ads at no addition cost!


Filtered content does not always update automatically- requires a nudge to update.

File Expert offers standard file manager features like copy, paste, cut, move, share and viewing file details. It automatically groups similar file types like pictures, videos and documents for your convenience. It allows for easy search and filter of any file stored on your device. The home screen can be customized to add your desired shortcuts too. Other features on the start screen include a large file analyzer to see which areas of your device consumes the most space. Taking a trip to the menu reveals a Disk Analyzer tool comparing storage space and memory plus Settings options. I value the feature the app includes to turn off app recommendation ads at no additional cost.

Visiting the Categories section reveals more convenient filters of your content; such as all gallery photos, music, videos, etc. Though I noticed filtered content does not always update automatically- it requires a nudge to update. As mentioned there is Cloud storage integration as well. You can download additional components and connect File Expert to other existing cloud solutions such as DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box or use the developers own GCloud option for free extended online storage.

There are several more tools; including integration to Web PC Suite (a fine app to allow you to easily manage device files over the web), SafeBox for hiding files, memory manager, turn your device into a temporary FTP server, plus more.

File Expert with Clouds – Categories

File Expert with Clouds – Cloud Integration

File Expert with Clouds – Tools

File Expert with Clouds – File Manager

File Expert with Clouds – Large File Analysis

File Expert with Clouds – Disk Analyser

File Expert with Clouds – Installed Apps Manager

File Expert with Clouds – APK Manager

File Expert with Clouds – Customize Homepage

File Expert with Clouds – Apps Recommendations

File Expert with Clouds – Game Recommendations

File Expert with Clouds – Settings Rating Rating! Rating! Rating! Rating! Rating! (4.6 out of 5)

Should you Download File Expert with Clouds? We have been reviewing File Expert with Clouds over the years and can attest to its vast improvement in terms of features and the overall interface. It automatically organizes files by type for you plus has all the file management features you’ll need and more. If you’re looking for a comprehensive Android file manager app then give File Expert a try!

Get the latest app from Google Play or official website.

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