Backup your Android files to GCloud in File Expert

File syncing is a headache for multiple Android devices users. Shoot party photos by a Galaxy S5 and want to view them by a Nexus 9? Take work/study notes by a LG tablet and have to stream them to your Sony Xperia? Cloud is one of your solutions.

You have more than one choices for Cloud storage, why GCloud, File Expert’s in-build Cloud?

The advantage of Gcloud, compared with others like Google Drive, lies in automatic file classification. All you have to choose your files and select Sync to GCloud. No classification is required before your cloud files are in order. You don’t bother to reorganize them after file duplication. Pinpointing specific photos, MP3 songs or a PDF documents would be easier than on other Cloud.

How to backup by GCloud?

(1) Log in

File Expert,Gloud

Go to My Files Tab – Gloud, you need to log in by Geek or Google Play account. If you have neither account, please register first.

 (2) Backup

File Expert  GCloud 2

After login, you can start backup. Take photo for example, enter Gallery – select the pictures you’d like to save and click More button – Sync to my Gcloud – Well, all the work is accomplished.

The backup speed varies with your network stability. If the copy speed is too tardy, hold your horses.

You have so many choices for Cloud backup, but File Expert is your all-in-one solution for Android file management!

You can get the latest app from Google Play or official website.

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