FE Private Cloud Beta Test Opens on Google Play!

What is FE Private Cloud?

FE Private Cloud is a safe data center on your computer. You can access and manage files stored in your PC with your mobile device anytime and anywhere.

Official Website: http://myfiles.gmgm.io/en-us

What can you do with FE Private Cloud?

* Have an easy and secure way to build your private cloud on PC.

* Remote manage and share files on your PC with your mobile.

* Share PC files with families or friends on multi mobile devices.


How to start?

1. Set up PC Server

Install the PC client and register or login Geek account

PC software for Windows:


PC software for Mac: http://myfiles.gmgm.io/app/macos/FEPrivateCloud.dmg

2. Configure Directory

Select a folder on PC as your private Cloud storage.

3. Install/Start APP

Download FE beta test APK: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/xcxin.filexpert


How does it work?

1. Login on PC and File Expert with one account

2. Start your PC as your person Cloud

3. Access and manage your files from mobile in the same LAN or remote access or share your file with mobile data connection