FE Private Cloud: Make your PC as your Own Private Cloud!


Are you looking forward to building your private cloud? Do you expect to remote share your PC files with mobile? File Expert is exploring the same thing with you. Let’s have a glance of how FE Private Cloud can delight your tech life!

1. Install File Expert and register/login your account:




2. Download and install FE Private Cloud desktop clients: http://myfiles.gmgm.io/en-us

After login the same account on mobile and PC, select a shared directory on PC to make it your private cloud.



Selected your shared directory, these files on PC will be managed on your Mobile. You can also upload files to this directory from mobile.



Yes, this is what you can manage on your mobile when you enter Private Cloud, which is exactly the same files on your PC shared directory. You can upload files to PC or download file to mobile with WiFi or mobile data remotely.

Your PC files “move” to your mobile with File Expert magic!



Now, let’s open PC file “photos” by mobile. Select a folder “8-31”, copy and paste it to a pathway on mobile. I guess you would like File Expert’s way of fast files copy and paste.



It’s done! The folder “8-31″ is pasted to your mobile SD card from PC successfully!



Copy and paste files from mobile to the shared directory, and then you can check it on your PC. You smart guys probably know how to do it.

FE Private Cloud gives you access to all your files wherever you are. Even multiple devices with the same account login can share files on one directory on PC.

FE Private Cloud puts your data at your fingertips, under your control. Explore more features of FE Private Cloud. What’re you waiting for?

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