File Expert’ Annoucenment on Suspected Virus Report


Dear File Expert users,

Some users report that they have detected virus in File Expert by antivirus Apps on their Android devices. We have started to work on it immediately the moment we received the feedback.

First of all, we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and panic caused by of the virus report. The reason has been pinpointed:

A file name of obfuscated code, which is randomly renamed during APK generating, happens to be a suspected virus name; therefore some antivirus Apps may detect it as malware.

We have released a remedied version on Google Play; please update your Apps to the latest one.

Secondly, we solemnly promise that our App will never contain any virus or malware to jeopardize the safety of users’ data. If you find any unusual activity on the App, please contact us immediately: We’d love to solve every problem about it.

Hope you enjoy File Expert!

GMobile Team

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