App Review: Private Cloud Update of File Expert for Android | Access and Manage Your PC Files at Anytime from Anywhere



File Expert is a full-featured local & network file manager for Android that’s one of the best and most popular of its kind. Many users are using it now and they’re happy with its features like being able to fully access and manage files on various locations in external/internal SD card, cloud services, FTP, SMB, WebDAV, HTTP, NAS and USB OTG (system internal flash works only on a rooted phone). It also lets users browse files in classical tree hierarchy or by its categories. With fast search enabled it lets you search faster than ever before, even via last modified date that’s excellent.

Private Cloud update of File Expert for Android

File Expert has been doing really good over the years and like as always now it offers to the users a private cloud experience that’s excellent. Because it’s completely safe and secure and using private cloud you can easily access your PC files at anytime from anywhere. Even you can play any video files that stored on your private cloud or other cloud storage account.

Actually, Private Cloud is a feature integrated with File Expert, which lets you configure a safe data center on your own computer. So that you can access your PC files anytime anywhere on your Android mobile with File Expert app installed (WiFi or Mobile Data should be enabled). After the Dropbox account scandal from earlier this year, this Private Cloud update of File Expert is really the great effort of GMobile Team for the users who always love an easy to use and secure way to keep and access their personal files on cloud storage.


So, Private Cloud is very ordinary and now it’s all about setting up your personal Private Cloud with File Expert for Android. It’s not tough, anyone can easily set up a private cloud storage on their PC that’s accessible and manageable from their Android device.

Here’re the simple steps bellow that you need to do easily set up your PC storage into your personal Private Cloud with File Expert

Step 1. At first download and install File Expert App on your Android. You can get it from Play Store or click over download link in the box bellow. If you’re a new user, register an account.

File Expert – File Manager
Developer: GMobile Apps
Price: Free+




Step 2. Now, download and install the PC software FE Private Cloud (PC Client) for setting up your private cloud storage center. No matter whatever device, it supports Windows, MacOS X and Linux operating system. If it happens that the PC client software is not launching, please try Run as Administrator.


Step 3. Now, login into the PC client with the same account that you have or registered. Then, configure the Shared Directory for your own personal and secure cloud storage.

private-cloud-update-of-file-expert-for-android-2At last, now, you can browse and manage the files that you will store in the selected directory at your PC from the Private Cloud feature of File Expert on your Android.


So actually, Why You should’ve your own Private Cloud Storage Account?

The causes are not so much, maybe one, two, or more. Remember the Dropbox scandal, so now are you 100% sure that your cloud storage files are safe and secure? On this point, Private Cloud is the solution that makes it possible to think that your files are safe and secure.

Other things, like if you worried about storage problem regarding Cloud Storage. Here, you can break the barriers, you can use as much you want as your wish. You don’t need anything else for your own cloud storage account.

Private Cloud update of File Expert is the solution for the reasonable causes like safety, security, and usability about the Cloud Storage that you can access from your Android device. Even, with this update, you can also play video files from your private cloud like other cloud accounts.

Wrap Up

So, use File Expert on your Android not only for this Private Cloud integration but also for others robust features like Safe Box, Recycle Bin, Root Explorer (only for rooted device), wireless printing, FTP Client, Super Downloader, and compression/decompression of zip, jar, rar, tar or apk files.

Overall, it’s very certain that File Expert is a kind of app that every Android user should’ve.

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