How to use File Expert Network Tools to access your network files?

As a leading File Manager, File Expert is not only able to manage local files (files on your phone / Tablet), it is also able to access and manage your files stored on network storage or other third-party storage.

File Expert supports many useful network tools like SMB Client, WebDav, FTP Client and FTP Server. Take SMB Client as an example, it allows authorized Android users to access the shared folder on your PC over the network, or to manage files on your NARS.

This article will help you set up SMB client. Now let’s start to configure a shared folder on your PC.

1. Open the Windows Explorer and find the folder that you want to share. Right-click on the folder and choose Properties.


2. Click on the Sharing tab and then click on Advanced Sharing.


3. Tick “Share this folder” and click on Permissions.


4. The default setting permits everyone to access the folder, if you want to limit sharing within a group of people, click Add to add a new user. Type in the user name and click Add; and select the permission you want to grant: Change, Read permissions or Full Control. Click on OK and close this Window. Now you are done setting up SMB on PC.


Now it’s time to access your shared folder from your Android device with File Expert:

1. Open File Expert, swipe to open Slide Menu; go to Manage Network Source; Click Floating Button to add a Windows SMB Client.


2. You can scan an existed IP address or click Floating Button to add a new IP address. The latter requires: Computer IP, Username and Password; you can select Anonymous Access here.


3. Choose the sharer’s IP address and enter the file, then you can copy, move, delete, rename, share and view details.


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