APP Review: File Expert for Android


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Most of the amazing app would always captivate the global users mind and offer the users special moment worth buying. This familiar app of File Expert for Android has really impressed lot of active users around the global market. The quality app industry has received yet another sensational app as File Expert for Android. This reputed app was professionally developed by Gmobile popularly known as Geeksoft developers.It becomes challenging to track and get some files within the mobile device if they are not arranged properly. With this app one could easily manage different files. They include documents, videos, images and even music among other several applications. It was recently updated on 6th June, 2016 thus resulting performance as improved.File Expert has overtaken global user’s expectations with regard to user friendly nature, high graphic effect, material design and quality performance. The app is largely accessible to different languages universally. For instance such languages comprise French, Japanese, Portuguese, English, Russian, Bengali, Spanish, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Polish, Hindi, Thai, Bengali, Indonesian, Korean, Italian and Dutch.File Expert for AndroidThis familiar app has been expediently designed to work on devices with not only great capabilities but also with beneficial qualities to deliver quality performance. They are well-compatible with android devices from version 4.1 or any latest one available.

Advantageous Features in File Expert App

  • The features of recently opened illustrates the file that has been lately accessed
  • App manager allows global user to backup files, perform sharing and even uninstall files
  • With the presence of Recycle bin it could simply retrieve files deleted temporary
  • Available of Super downloader enhances quick download in seconds
  • Batch Uninstall promptly gets away with a number of apps in an instant.
  • SMB professionally facilitate access to files at home or office using Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • The Tag feature offers option to highlight essential files with different color types
  • Compress & Decompress effectively allows user to encrypt numerous files and reduce or increase their sizes; it also applies features like RAR, ZIP and 7z.
  • File Shred tool gets rid of a file wholly with no choices of retrieving it back
  • PDF Converter actively supports PDF conversion of files such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
  • Text Editor immensely facilitates editing and renaming of files
  • Wireless Print of this popular app could link several files with different formats (HTML, TXT and PDF) and print right from the phone.
  • FTP Client tool simply facilitates adaptation of file management to FTP.

It is enumerated that File Expert app supports all operations where user could undertake in relation to the files. This actively comprise creating new files and shortcuts, copying and pasting, cutting, renaming, deleting, decompressing and compressing of different files.

File Expert for Android

This app tends to provide well-integrated storage link to external SD card and flash memory besides supporting the internal storage. Moreover this File Expert App for file management is expediently facilitated by other storage platforms respectively as Box, OneDrive, Google Drive and Box. The app makes the graphic effects and animations totally amazing.

The user of this app just needs to swipe right in order to get the entire full details of several files and have valuable flexible navigation menu. The whole formulation of the tabs for simple view not just only saves on time but also offers the user a chance to multitask efficaciously. Ultimately it is simple to create, open and view multiple tabs. The version V8.0.6 of File Expert app delivers super fast and advanced loading operations that take only seconds to be completed. In conclusion this File Expert comes as a fully-packaged app with quality formulation and adaptations which makes it unique.

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