App Review: Private Cloud Update of File Expert for Android | Access and Manage Your PC Files at Anytime from Anywhere



File Expert is a full-featured local & network file manager for Android that’s one of the best and most popular of its kind. Many users are using it now and they’re happy with its features like being able to fully access and manage files on various locations in external/internal SD card, cloud services, FTP, SMB, WebDAV, HTTP, NAS and USB OTG (system internal flash works only on a rooted phone). It also lets users browse files in classical tree hierarchy or by its categories. With fast search enabled it lets you search faster than ever before, even via last modified date that’s excellent. Continue reading

App Review: Most Versatile File Manager App for Android


What makes File Expert stand out as the most feature-rich file manager/explorer Android app is the ability to let you control your files with unmatched convenience. Check out the detailed review.

The smartphone has become my greatest companion. From letting me watch movies, communicate with friends, manage my task to track my fitness, the smartphone has indeed come a long way. Continue reading

App Review: File Expert – Private Cloud Update


File Expert has been a well-known and popular Android file browser for years now, and it’s been updated with a number of key features throughout its lifetime. We’ve taken more than a few close looks at File Expert over the years, and in this latest update, the developers have focused on making the Cloud services much more useful than before. Continue reading

File Expert’ Annoucenment on Suspected Virus Report


Dear File Expert users,

Some users report that they have detected virus in File Expert by antivirus Apps on their Android devices. We have started to work on it immediately the moment we received the feedback.

First of all, we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and panic caused by of the virus report. The reason has been pinpointed: Continue reading

App Review: File Expert – Redefining Modern-Day File Management as We Know It



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App Review: File Expert – File Manager – A Powerhouse of Compact and Effective File Manipulation


The world of the IT is constantly changing but there are a few things that remain the same. Among them, file sharing and the need for good apps and software packages that can achieve this is one of the most important ones. Today, with mobile devices which utilize a range of memory alternatives which include local discs, SD card, and cloud services, the same need is even more enforced. Luckily, there is an app that provides a one-stop-shop for all file management needs and it comes in the form of File Expert – File Manager.

File Expert (2)

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App Review: File Expert V8.0.6


File Expert — мощнейший менеджер файлов для Android-коммуникаторов, к тому же обладающий возможностью расшаривать ресурсы смартфона через Wi-Fi, получать доступ к ресурсам локальной сети через встроенный SMB-клиент, запускать установленные приложения. Вот лишь некоторые из возможностей File Expert:

  • настраиваемый вид папок;
  • стандартные функции для работы с файлами (удаление / перенос / копирование / переименование);
  • встроенный HTTP- и FTP-сервер, дающий возможность получать доступ к выбранным папкам на Android-смартфоне с локального ПК через беспроводное соединение;
  • пакетная установка APK-файлов в выбранной директории;
  • создание и распаковка ZIP-архивов;
  • вкладка Bookmark для быстрого доступа к часто используемым папкам на смартфоне;
  • встроенный SMB-клиент, дающий возможность получать доступ к локальным сетевым ресурсам через Wi-Fi.



File Expert 1

The management of different files including media is very important aspect that helps in smooth running of any device. If you own an Android smartphone and are looking for an expert file manager application then File Expert is a superb Android application developed by GMobile, formerly known as GeekSoft. Let us get into it and learn more about this fabulous application that has made it really easy for the users to manage different media and files on your smartphone.

About File Expert

File Expert is a spectacular application by GMobile developed for easing up the file management process for the smartphone users. The application has received over 5 million downloads. If you wish to run this application then your phone must run on Android 4.1 or above version. It doesn’t put too much strain on your phone’s memory as it consumes just 4.8MB space on your device. You can easily manage your music, photos, videos, APKs, and documents easily.


Top Features of File Expert

Before using this application, one must go through the list of features & functions of this superb app in order to get familiar with it. Here is the list to look at:

The Material Design

The developers have adopted the latest visual language by Google to remodel this file explorer. The app design uses the grid-based layouts, transitions, responsive animations, and depth effects to attract the eyes of the users.


Light & Dark Themes

The in-built selectable themes allow the user of File Expert app to change the screen brightness anytime of the day. One can select the theme as per his/her choice.


Multiple Tabs

This app is back with the classical design that facilitates the file viewer and operation. Users can open multiple tabs to perform different tasks simultaneously.


Enhanced File Operations with Basic Ones

A user can also enhance the local file operations for accelerating the scrolling, loading, and operation of the file. For an instant- it takes around 70 seconds for copying 1GB video at maximum speed of 14MB/s. All the files operations including paste, cut, copy, rename, share, create, upload, delete, and many more are supported by this file explorer.


Slide-Out Navigation Menu

One can easily access all the file entrances just swiping right on the screen for displaying categories, device storage network tools and other advanced features. A floating button is also added on the bottom right for creating new folder, file or cloud quickly.


Local & Cloud Files can be accessed

The users are allowed to access the internal storage, external SD card, and flash memory of their Android device. The files on clouds like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box etc. can also be managed here.


Manage Phone via PC Wirelessly

A user can choose to manage his/her smartphone through PC wirelessly. The app provides you medium to connect to your PC and control operations of your smartphone.


Additional Features Provided by File Expert

PDF Converter: A user can easily convert the Excel, PowerPoint, or Word documents into the PDF ones.
Wireless Print: It supports the TXT, HTML, and PDF files. You just need to tap your phone and the files will be ready for printing.
File Shred: You are allowed to delete the files permanently making it non-recoverable through any process.
Recently Opened: A user can locate the recently opened files quickly.
Super Downloader: Having trouble with the download speed? No problem! File Expert will help you accelerate the speed of download at your end.
Tag: It is one of the exceptional features provided by this tool as one can mark important files using different colors.
Recycle Bin: You can choose to delete the files and send them to recycle bin so that they can recovered anytime later.
App Manager: A user can backup, share, and uninstall the applications in bulk without choosing the single app at one time.
Text Editor: One can easily edit the TXT files on his/her smartphone itself.

Languages Supported by File Expert

One of the best things about File Expert is that it supports multiple languages including Bengali, Dutch, Hindi, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Indonesian, French, English, Russian, Thai, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Korean, Turkish, Portuguese and many more languages would be added soon.

Final Words

File Expert is an exceptional file manager for an Android smartphone. The app occupies less memory and performs optimally to make your device perform in a better way with proper organization of media & files on it. It is available for free on Google PlayStore and you can even choose to go for its premium version.