Create a shortcut for Web PC Suite on desktop

Like Web PC suite but tire of keying in every time you use the App? Good news for Chrome users: you can add a shortcut on your PC desktop. Web PC Suite shortcut 1

  1. Open Chrome browser on your desktop/laptop, click Settings (on the top right) – More Tools – Add to desktop.

web pc suite shortcut 22. Tick Open as a Window and click Add. See the shortcut you’ve just created on your desktop. Double click it next time you user Web PC Suite.

web pc suite shortcut 3

We hope Web PC Suite improve your work efficiency. Let us know if you have any question.

Web PC Suite Support Team

Clear APK files on your slow Android by one tap!

Your Android becomes laggy? Don’t have enough space to for more pictures or new Apps? The installed APK file is one of the prime culprits to retard phone running. With Apps’ frequent updates, accumulating APK files take up more and more of your Android memory space.

As a file manager, File Expert definitely is equipped with junk file solutions to meet Android users’s need. Here are tips.

1. On Android


Open File Expert, Categories Tab – Apps – APK Manager, delete unwanted APK files to reclaim storage and improve the performance of your device and SD card.

2. On PC

clear APK

When you use Web PC Suite feature to organize phone/tablet files; don’t forget to clear up unnecessary APK files on a PC browser. Just one tap to eliminate all the junkies!


App Review: Easily Transfer Files Between Android Phone and Computer Wirelessly with Web PC Suite App


Transferring files between our Android phone and computer or laptop is common. I usually use to connect my phone to PC at least two times a day. Mostly we use USB cable to connect our phone to PC. Sometime this creates some problem too, just imagine you need to transfer your important word document from your Android phone to the PC and suddenly you realize that you forgot to carry your USB cable. How would you feel? That would be the most irritating moment, right? USB cable also creates a mess on your desk and if you always use to connect your phone to the PC then it might look messy to have a cable connected to the PC 24/7.

There is a solution to this problem. Yes a wireless file transfer technology can help you to connect your phone to the PC and you don’t have to use any single cable. Isn’t cool? Google Play Store is full with hundreds of wireless file transfer apps. But only some of them work smoothly. The Web PC Suite is one of those wireless file transfer apps which is filled with some interesting features and you can enjoy this app for free.


What’s Good in Web PC Suite?

Web PC Suite is a free app to transfer files between Android device and computer wirelessly. You can transfer files from the Android device to your computer and from computer to Android device with some click. You can even view your Android files, photos, videos and music wirelessly without touching a single cable. It has all the important as well as advance features to connect your phone and computer easily.

Some of its best features are discussed below.

Easy Connect

Whether you are with your phone or you are far from your phone you can easily transfer files. It offers different connection mode for different purposes.

If you are with your phone and you have a same Wi-Fi connection to both of your phone and computer, then you can simply connect your phone and PC by visiting an IP address given by the Web PC Suite. If you don’t have a common Wi-Fi, then also you can connect by creating a personal hotspot or by using your phone mobile data.


If your phone is not with you then also you can connect and transfer files from your Android. In this situation you need to login to the app from both Android phone and computer. The login process is simply simple. You can also use your Facebook, Google or Twitter account for easy and instant login.

Easy File Share with Easy Navigation

The web navigation is very simple. Its home page has all the important options like file and folder upload, Device name, Android version, memory space details and how many files you have in different categories.


File sharing is also easy, you can find the upload link on the home page from where you can share files with your Android device. There is a file section in the sidebar to browse and download file from Android to Computer.

View Photos and Documents

If you look at the right side bar on your web browser, you can see bunch options there. You can view all the photos of your phone from the gallery option. All the photos will be organized in folder wise so that you can find your photo and view easily.


For documents, go to the document section. There all of your documents will be listed. You can view and manage your documents from there.

Stream Audio and Video

It is not only capable to find images and documents. You can even stream your audios and videos from your PC. This is an awesome feature; you don’t have to copy your video to your PC anymore to watch.

Manage your Contact, Messages and Calls

This feature is developed for me only. Just kidding. This feature is available for everyone. This is a great feature. You can now manage your contacts, messages and calls directly from your computer without touching your phone.

There is an option in the sidebar named “Contacts”. When you click on that you can find 3 more options. One is Contacts, Messages and Recent Calls.

From Contact menu, you can actually view and manage your contacts directly on your computer screen. You can add Contacts, view all existing contacts, edit contacts, you send message to any contact and even you can make calls to any of your contacts from the screen.


Now next is the message. In the message menu, you can find all the messages on your phone in an organized manner. Some of the message features are view message, reply to any message, delete message and even create and send a new message. You can even get notified when a new message arrives right on the computer screen.


Next is Recent Call. Here you can find all the call logs Incoming call, Outgoing call and missed call details. From here you can delete any number from the contact history, you can send messages and even you can make a call from here too. You will get notification of all incoming calls right on your computer screen. However, you can’t accept any call from here. I strongly feel that this feature should also be there.


This is not all, there are some other features like an Apps section from where you can see all the installed apps on your phone. You can even create a backup of your apps from your computer screen. Its widget area lets you open any web address on your phone directly from the computer screen.

Final Thought

The Web PC suite is an awesome app to transfer files between computer and Android easily. It’s not just a simple wireless PC suite, it is more. It has some outstanding features and the best part is it is free and you have to pay no extra cost for this app. This is a recommended app for those who always use to connect the phone to the PC for various reasons.

Official website recovered

Dear Web PC Suite users,

We are glad to inform that Web PC Suite’s official website is back to work! The visiting failure of is caused by server maintaining in a few hours. We are so sorry for all the trouble it has caused. Feel free to connect your Android and PC via Wifi or 3G now!

Let us know if you have other problem in using Web PC Suite.

GMobile Team

App Review: Easily transfer files to your device with Web PC Suite



Transferring files between your Android device and your computer can SOMETIMES be a pain. Usually not when you have at least a USB cable, but there are times that you’re on the go and leave the USB cable behind. Or maybe, you are using someone else’s computer and want to transfer some files between your device and their computer.

Web PC Suite aims to help alleviate any issues that may arise when trying to quickly and easily transfer files. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you will be asked to navigate to the Web PC Suite website so that you can connect your device.


If you are trying to transfer files between devices, without a Wi-Fi connection, you are prompted to create an account. In order to create an account, you must use either Google, Facebook, or Twitter, and you’re account is created. Once the account is created, and you have navigated to the web site on your computer, you need to sync the devices. There is a QR-code displayed on the web page, and your camera is activated to be able to read it.

Now I ran into my first issue when I tried connecting my Galaxy Note5 to my computer. The first time I scanned the QR-code, the app and the web client just froze. However, the second go-round, everything loaded up perfectly, without an issues. Mind you, I was not using Wi-Fi transfer, instead, I was using the experimental mobile network transfer.


So you’ve got everything set up and ready to go, now how do you go about transferring those files? It’s actually REALLY simple with the Web PC Suite. Navigate to the file or folder you are trying to transfer and simply drag and drop within your browser, and the file will automatically start uploading.

There won’t be much activity seen via the app on your Android device, and there isn’t even a notification on your device once the file is transferred. So you’ll have to be sure to keep an eye on the web client to check the status of the transfer. The only information that you’ll see within the app on your Android device is the amount of data that has been transferred.


As for the other options within the Web PC Suite application, you really won’t find much. In the top right hand corner, there is a “Store” icon that takes you to an application in the Play Store that seems to just be a random app that was selected. Possibly for ad-revenue purposes. The next icon is the “Contact” which takes you into your account information. From here, you will find your email and your ‘Used Traffic Statistics’. Finally, there is an overflow menu button on the far right, next to your Account Information.

The overflow menu drops down and shows you a few more options. You can head to Personal Hotspot, Settings, Feedback, Help, Share, or About. The others are self-explanatory, but the one that caught my eye was the Personal Hotspot functionality. This option within Web PC Suite seems to make it easier for users to connect their phones to their other various devices from the app. In order to access the Personal Hotspot with your device of choice, you will need to open a specific URL, and enter the login information, then your device is connected to the hotspot from your phone.

What We Like

Easy to use interface
Able to transfer files over mobile data connection
Personal Hotspot functionality built-in
No intrusive ads

And not so much…

“Store” icon takes you to random apps in the Play Store
Connecting can be a little finicky


Web PC Suite is another option on the Play Store for you to easily transfer your files between devices. Add in the fact that you don’t need to install any third-party software on your computer, and can just do this within the browser, and you have a compelling argument against PushBullet and others. While I’m not sure how long I’ll use Web PC Suite on my device due to the likes of PushBullet, I do know that I’ll keep it there for a little while just to have in case I need to quickly transfer something without PushBullet.

Let us know what you think about Web PC Suite, and if you aren’t using this already, what you use to transfer files, wirelessly, between devices.

App Review: Web PC Suite – File Transfer


Stress no more about always needing a USB to transfer your files back and forth from your phone and PC. Web PC Suite makes file transferring easy and wireless! Use this cross-platform service app at home or on the go to transfer any photos, documents and links between PC and mobile devices without a data wire.

Stress no more about always needing a USB to transfer your files back and forth from your phone and PC. Web PC Suite makes file transferring easy and wireless! Use this cross-platform service app at home or on the go to transfer any photos, documents and links between PC and mobile devices without a data wire.

This secure and private free connection uses fast transferring speed between PC, tablet and phone, making quick and simple to manage all your files.

Web PC Suite is suitable for all Androids and OS, such as Mac OS, iOS (iPhone), Linux, Symbian (Nokia Phone), Windows Phone and Blackberry. With its user friendly interface and app interaction, you won’t miss untangling your USB cables to transfer a file again.

WPS logo


•Social Media:
•3,168 likes on Facebook
•42 followers on Twitter
•112 followers on Google+
•PR outreach:,,,,,, Press release and video reviews by Smart tech, NewApp idea and App Rooster.
•Highest ranks In Business (Applications):
•In TOP 100 in Italy and Spain,
•Currently not in any top categories
•4.3 stars from 14,178 ratings
•500,000 – 1,000,000 Installs on Google Play

ComboStore Review

We are always excited to test and play around with new useful apps on the market. Web PC Suite turned out exactly to be one of those. It was previously categorized in Productivity but now it is changed to Business (we didn’t get the reason). We found the new updated web UI to be user-friendly and the new personal hotspot feature to be a great addition along with other cool functions.

The app really makes file transferring simple and easily accessible with the use of QR code. The interface is intuitive (looks similar to Google Disc). We did not find any unnecessary details or features, so browsing the app becomes a pleasure.

A great plus is that the developer is answering user reviews on Google Play, even in various languages. Those should not be ignored. Keep up the work and engagement with your community!

The downside of this app is that there are not many publications about the app. Though we have found the press release, we advise you to better rely on professionals to write the text. From our experience, we felt the title was a bit boring and not catchy enough to be picked up by the media. Social accounts (except Facebook) are abandoned, there is a low number of followers and latest updates were made 3 months ago.

•Good app title
•All features are highlighted
•Promo screenshots that explain all the main features
•Many user reviews on Google Play
•The developer is answering user reviews on Google Play
•Useful and handy app that attracts downloads
•Pleasant UI in the app and on the website
•Media coverage (written and video reviews) is present on the net
•Press release was distributed
•The app is on all popular social networks

•Twitter and Google+ profiles are abandoned and have not been updated regularly
•No video demo for users to understand the app
•Low amount of media coverage
•The press release and title is unprofessional
•Not enough followers and activities on Twitter and Google+


•Regularly optimize keywords on the app’s Google Play landing page.
•Compose one short paragraph describing the app (in addition to listed features).
•Create a promo video for the app’s landing page and YouTube channel.
•Update all social profile covers (they still feature the 3.0 version).
•Be more attentive of managing social media platforms.
•Reach out to relevant media outlets to gain more coverage.
•Create and send out a press release announcing any huge app update.

Updated UI to match environment-friendly feature

Since Web PC Suite’s logo and mobile terminal have turned to environment-friendly green, the mobile interface follows the trend. The whole webpage is divided into forest green and ivory diagonally. All the categories are in the left vertically, and you could see your device information directly from the right.

WPS compare

Comparison of V3.0.7(above) and V3.1.0 webpage interfaces

Moreover, the easy upload feature is back! Now you just need to drag or drop the file to the center, which saves your searching time.

Meanwhile, for those users who don’t speak English, we now support Arab, Brazil Portuguese(special thanks to our user Jervânio Lima for the contribution), Hindi, Indonesian, Korean and Thai.

If you like the new UI or the comeback of drag and drop, let us know! We’d love to perfect the App on and on.

You can get the latest app from Google Play or official website.

GP logo 200

WPS works without Wi-Fi or mobile network from V3.0.7

Gone are the days of going crazy if you want to connect Android with PC without USB cable, Wifi or mobile network. At present, you have another option for wireless connection with Web PC Suite – personal Hotspot.

If you are on a train or in a park with no Wi-Fi access and unwilling to use mobile data traffic to send photos, videos or documents from your Android phone to a tablet or laptop, try the following 2 steps:

1. You will see the following interface after starting Web PC Suite without Wi-Fi or mobile network. Click Network Setting button and choose Personal Hotspot.

Web PC Suite hotspot 111
2. Tap Turn on Hotspot button, connect your Android smart phone/tablet to your desktop/laptop by the username and randomly-generated password like you connect your PC to a Wi-Fi network.

Web PC Suite hotspot 222

P.S. A desktop works in Hotspot mode if you have plugged in a Wireless WLAN card on the PC.

No matter where you are, Android to PC file transfer can be done via Web PC Suite!

You can get the latest app from Google Play or official website.

GP logo 200


Set a widget to facilitate wireless connection

You might need to get pictures, documents or video from your Android to desktop/laptop several times every day or you are addicted to wireless way for Android-PC connection. Here’s a magic wand which will drastically cut down your time for wireless connection via Web PC Suite: a widget.

file expert V7 widget 1

1. Long press home screen and there will appear a Widget icon. Click it and swipe up to single out Web PC Suite.

file expert V7 widget  2

2. Press and drag the icon to home screen. Don’t forget to turn the widget on. Now you are able to connect your handset with PC in a second without starting the App first.

You can delete the widget easily as you delete any App on Android.

You can get the latest app from Google Play or official website.

GP logo 200